Friday, December 20, 2013

Care for Salt with Your Snow?

I meant to write a Thanksgiving post.

I meant to write a snow-related post.

I meant to write a fun Christmas post like this one. Or this one.

But it is just NOT HAPPENING, people!

Besides school and work, I've got cookies to bake! Presents to wrap! Josh Groban to listen to!

Lots going on. Lots coming up in 2014. Change is coming for me. More on that later.

For now, let me just say one final word on -

how disgusting my car looks right now.

Trucks have been tossing salt around like the Swedish Chef in his kitchen. Like crazy. We've had delays and closings and people freaking out and people running to the grocery store. So, typical winter weather in this area. I love love love having snow on the ground in December as long as I don't have to drive in anything unreasonable. And as long as I can make it up my intense hill (a burst of speed usually helps as I begin my ascent).

So anyway, lots of snow means lots of salt and whatever else is in that dirty mixture that is all over the roads. I hate the gritty feeling under my shoes but I would rather feel that then my legs flying out from under me, I suppose. And as a result of all that road grit, my car is really looking like it's feeling the dismal winter blues. Sorry, pal. There's really no use in cleaning you at this point. Why bother? You'll just get yucky again.

I have almost walked past my car in parking lots because it just doesn't look right. Oh well. At least every other car on the road is in the same situation. Except a few. Really? Are you washing your car every day?