Friday, May 31, 2013

Oh, I'll Get Her a Journal

I am a girl who owns many journals.

Journals, diaries, notebooks...whatever you want to call them.

I've got a lot. I consider myself somewhat of an accidental collector.

Cool notebooks are a pretty standard gift, after all. People must think, I don't know her very well...I'll get her a notebook! It's like lotion. So versatile. She's a girl, so she must enjoy writing down her feelings and moisturizing her hands.'s true. I like both notebooks and lotion, by the way.

But I've never really liked writing down my feelings. I went through stages where I tried to keep a "diary" but I ended up destroying many pages after rereading. Ugh, feelings sound so stupid when you write them down. And what if someone found them and read them? No thank you.

As a result of me trying to write and then hating to write and then destroying what I'd written, I have lots of notebooks with half of the pages written.

There's nothing quite like starting a new notebook for class, Bible study, lists, whatever. Unless you're starting an old notebook. In which case I may need to tear out five pages of stupid thoughts first.

What is old (and already written in) is new again!

I wish I hadn't thrown so much of my writing away, every time I wanted to start a new notebook. I'd kind of like to read some things over.

Nah. *r i i i i i i i i i p*

Torn Notebook, 1996

Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer + School - Books = Does Not Compute

I have a sad addiction to new books.

I mean, I work at a library. I see all that new stuff coming in, and my fingers itch to turn pages. Celebrity memoirs, health fads, picture books, the newest YA dystopian novel...I'm not super discerning when it comes to books.

Cruising the online library catalog is something I just can't keep myself from doing. I place holds like nobody's business! I have been known to have up to 70 items on hold at the library. Mostly new things.

So I just had to suspend my holds (about 50 now) since I'm too busy. Busy at work, busy at home, busy with school.

Too busy for new stuff.

Too busy for the latest in the series. Too busy for the blockbuster that was just released on dvd. Too busy for the latest paleo cookbook (I have dabbled).

When I am too busy for new library stuff, my life is topsy-turvy!

Everything is suspended for a month. Let me get myself together!

I remember my first summer working full-time. I was like, what is this "work" when the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the ice cream cones are dripping on the hot pavement?

Now this is my first summer working full-time and taking classes.

My head says GET TO WORK YOU BUM while my heart says the hammock in the backyard would like to speak with you. right now.

I will push through. I will! But I've got to make tough decisions to stay focused. I must place my addiction aside.

And I say to myself, good luck with that.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Park It Right Here

So, where do you park?

Obviously, there's something very exciting and satisfying about finding the best spot in the lot. You turn in just in time to snag a parking space right next to the handicapped section. Hooray!

This is especially gratifying if it's raining outside. If it's raining, of course I'm wearing my moccasins (wearing them basically guarantees rain) and of course I don't have my umbrella. Grabbing the perfect spot will give me the momentum I need to run in between the few raindrops I encounter on my way to the door!

But sometimes, if it's not raining... who cares about parking close up? I'm strong. I have long legs that work. I like to engage in extra physical activity.

Oh, and on beautiful, sunshiney days? I park as far away as I can!

I really don't mind walking. And if my parking a bit farther away frees up better spots for people who have trouble walking very far, then why not?

Mmm, nothing like a brisk stride across a parking lot. Gets the blood flowing.

And to me, the ability to "pull through" a parking spot totally trumps a closer spot. Yay for not having to back up! Parking lots can be crazy to drive through.

I'd rather walk.

Friday, May 3, 2013

In the Children's Library

I believe that it is pretty much impossible to sit among a rowdy group of 3-6 year-olds and not be happy.

My storytimes are my favorite programs. I get to play games and read stories to kids who get excited over anything and everything we do.

"Who wants to read a story?" "MEEEEEEEEE!"

"Who wants to play a game?" "I DOOOOOO!"

"Should we parade around the library?" "YEEEESSSSS!"

Growing up and being an adult is tough. Seeing trouble and sadness in the world is tough. We all have our problems. We all have our disappointments. But sit yourself down among children for a while, and remember what it's like to be excited!

We've got a couple parachutes for the kids to play with here at the library. They're kind of wrinkled and kind of beat up. One is missing a handle, ripped off by a giggling kid. I keep bringing them back to storytime due to popular demand.

I toss a few stuffed animals or beanbags in the center, the kids grab onto handles, and we shake and jump and wave the parachutes all around, often flinging the animals or beanbags all over the place.

They love it! You wouldn't believe the shrieking and laughing!

The adults watching can't help but laugh too. It's so infectious.

Working with kids is the best. I can make up a game on the spot that could be completely lame, but everyone rallies around it. I ask them to hold their hands up in the air and fingers shoot up, wiggling, faces turned toward me with expectation.

What a great age. Before they grow up. While they can still get enthusiastic about tossing beanbags into a basket. While their biggest problem is an untied sneaker. While their eyes are bright, their smiles are genuine, and their curiosity is never satisfied.

Kids completely energize me. And I love it. :)