Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Anxiously Waiting in My Pajama Pants

I think I'm actually a ten-year-old trapped inside an almost-twenty-four-year-old's body.

Example of the day: Snow Days!!!

I get ridiculously excited. Even when I can't think of anything to do, can't leave the house, and just end up being bored.

But it's a snow day!

The story begins with me. In pajama pants (you can never have too many pairs). Wondering...hoping...glancing out the window.

Actually, yesterday was odd because I don't work until 1pm on Mondays. That's right, I've got the evening shift. So yesterday I went to the gym first, came home and showered, and put my pajama pants back on.

I got ready for work. Slowly. Leaving my pajama pants on.

I ate breakfast. I made and packed a dinner. I did some cleaning. I whipped up a batch of delicious muffins.

I lingered in my pajama pants, loath to put on makeup, just in case...

And then the call came from the library! It was closing early, due to a skating-rink-like parking lot, freezing rain, and slippery roads.

"Wooo-hoooo!" I celebrated alone in my house, causing my dog to perk up his ears and stare at me, the crazy girl with no makeup on and still in her pajama pants.

And today? Two hour delay, baby. The snow day's cousin. Guess I'll be lounging around a little longer.

Soon to come...some new recipes I've been enjoying, with links to blogs and websites. Including the delicious muffins referenced above!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Am Smarter Than You, Spellcheck

I am smarter than you, Spellcheck.
I'm a human; this is true.
I've been around and read a lot more literature than you.

I am smarter than you, Spellcheck.
Please don't underline in red.
I think I know how my own name should be spelled out instead.

I am smarter than you, Spellcheck.
When you use that bright green line,
You're just proving that your IQ is far underneath of mine.

A machine, you'll never understand,
You won't write on your own.
Don't be hatin' on my crazy skillz; don't tell me I'm alone.

That's a word; that's a name; that's a brand new hipster term.
I am smarter than you, Spellcheck.
I write this simply to affirm.


Aaaand, this is what I do when I'm supposed to be writing a paper..


Friday, January 11, 2013

Oh, Good, It's Dark Already

WELL, we have gotten some lovely snow. I am so pleased that, after such a disappointing previous winter, we got some serious snowstorms and big, fluffy flakes. Especially since most of it was right around Christmas!

And now, it can all go away. Seriously, time for spring.

January, February, March....these months are dismal. No Christmas to look forward to, only long, miserable days of coldness.

The library's pretty quiet, too. I mean, attendance dropped before the holidays. It always does. But it's taking a while for people to get back in. All my programs are low on people and the pages (high schoolers who work in the evenings) don't have much to shelve.

Quiet days at the library are so depressing! With my recent viewing of Les Miserables (okay, and all the subsequent continuous listening of the music), all I can think of as I wander aimlessly through the library is "empty chairs at empty tables."

"My, friends, my friends!" Why have you all left the library?

Not a fair comparison. But I won't deny I haven't thought about it.

Cabin fever, that's what we all have around here. Outside, people are just rushing to get inside. Inside, there's nothing to do either. Bring me some sunshine, quick!

Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year's Revelation

Another year gone. Yipes. I know it's cliche, but it's true: the older you get the more time flies.

When I was little, days and weeks and months stretched out like I had all the time in the world! I wanted time to pass faster. I wanted to be older. So I could do more things. I wanted to be sixteen, because thanks to Sound of Music I believed it would be the most romantic year of my life. (It wasn't. It was just awkward.)

But now? Zoom! Goodbye, 2012! Hello, 2013!

I have the usual New Year's resolutions. I'm planning on doing some in-depth Bible study with the help of commentaries. I want to make better eating choices. Keep up with the gym, especially strength training. Do well in my classwork.

But there is one last resolution that I've got to be HARD-CORE about:

No more self-diagnosing myself online.

I wouldn't necessarily call myself a hypochondriac, but thanks to the help of Dr. Internet, I've experienced those moments of panic.

I need to do myself a favor and stop googling alleged issues. All I get to see is someone with similar symptoms ask a question on Yahoo Answers and receive feedback from any old crazy with a computer. Someone who can't even spell cancer correctly probably isn't qualified to provide any real answers. Just sayin'.

The internet is helpful for many things, but sometimes the overabundance of information can hurt you rather than help you. I'm sure our doctors would rather we skip the online diagnosing and obsessing and instead go straight to them. Of course, if you're just looking for some general information to point you in the right direction, just use common sense and only check out the reputable sites. (This is an excerpt from the pep talk I gave myself last week....)

Oh, and here's another tip. Stay away from Google Images if you're typing any body or medical-related terms.

You can thank me later.