Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello, Sugar!


Didn't do it.

Attempt #1 at the Sugar Detox was a fail. At least in terms of completing it. I made it 8 glorious days before I got concerned that I was doing something wrong.

I was feeling okay, not like I was starving myself. However, I was definitely missing out on "something."

I started feeling weak and lethargic. I could barely lift easy weights at the gym. I had heard that I might go through a short workout slump, but when it got to about my fifth workout and things were not getting better, I got concerned. I have worked way too hard at the gym to start losing muscle mass.

So I gradually added those carbs back in.

Am I right back to where I started? No. Believe it or not, I did learn a lot. For instance, how crazy dependent I am on sugar. How it ends up in practically everything I eat. I learned that vegetables and protein can be a meal. I learned more about what it feels like to be truly hungry versus bored or anxious. I learned that WOW a Gala apple can seriously taste like candy.

This past week, my meals have been mostly vegetables, instead of mostly carbs. I am working on key concepts like balance and fuel, as opposed to emotional eating. For me, eating better has been about planning and some extra work in the kitchen. Being prepared makes a big difference.

This is not the end of me trying new eating plans. I enjoy learning about nutrition far too much for that! However, if I do anything close to this plan again, I will not wait so long before eating a banana or two. My enthusiasm to try something new sometimes escalates into too much too soon. This leads to frustration.

I of course have to end this post with a new recipe I found! I have been enjoying coconut milk as a healthy fat, and this Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding has the perfect level of sweetness.

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

21 Days...WHAT?!

So I decided to do a 21-day sugar detox.

No, this isn't going to turn into a food blog. Although, I do happen to write about food a lot. What kind of blog is this, anyway? Hm.

I decided to do it because it's a limited amount of time and I thought it would be good for me. I won't be eating like this forever. I'm hoping to learn what I can do without. I can do anything for 21 days. Or, we'll see, I suppose.

Hello, my name is Laura. I have a problem with sugar. And overeating things with sugar.

Even my spinach salads have to include dried fruit. And though I try to make healthy choices, I sabotage myself due to a lack of self-control. One piece of dark chocolate turns into a cookie. That cookie multiples into a few (ahem) more. Then it seems like a good idea to eat frosted mini-wheats for dinner (but it's with soy milk!).

So I'm on day 3. I didn't purchase the book, but I did read about a lot of other people's experiences online. I'm following the basic plan as closely as I can, including no simple carbs, dairy, or fruit as well as obvious sugary products like cookies.

So spinach, not oatmeal. Almond milk, not cheese. Fish, not my beloved Ezekiel bread. The original plan does exclude some things I have chosen not to, such as black beans and natural peanut butter. Both are organic and do not include sugar.

It is pretty close to Paleo, except for the whole "no fruit" thing. I will be adding fruit in after 21 days, in case anyone was wondering. Here is another helpful resource I found that was just a smidge less restrictive than the original plan.

I know I am only a few days in, but I'm feeling pretty good. Certainly nothing close to some of the nightmarish accounts I found online. I am enjoying a good variety of foods, such as tuna, mashed cauliflower, spaghetti squash, chicken, carrots, salsa, hummus, & eggs. Knowing myself, I have to mix it up and not try to eat 2 salads every day. I am also cooking a lot of veggies, since raw veggies tend to make me mean.

So why am I posting this on my blog? Partly because it helps me be accountable. Partly because someone may find it interesting or helpful. Partly because it's my blog, and, well....

Wish me luck! Especially as 3 days without ice cream is kind of a record for me.

And happy season premiere of The Biggest Loser! I am loving the new shortened episode format. I realize that show is not perfect (or always accurate...), but I sort of love it.


Friday, October 4, 2013

In One Ear

In One Ear and Out the Other Antiqued Copper Earrings

Sometimes I feel like a broken record.

(And yes, I realize that expression is now ironic as records are now obsolete except for hipster usage.)

It feels like I say the same types of thing every day at the library.

Usually I say these things because people A) don't listen or B) aren't observant.

It is unfortunate that I have such a sarcastic sense of humor. It is sometimes hard to stifle the voice in my head.

"Do you have a bathroom?" Actually, you walked right past it as you were entering the library. And also, of course we have a bathroom!

When people are just passing through town and don't want to actually apply for a library card, we give them guest passes to use on our computers. These guest passes begin with the same few letters that include part of our library name, as well as some numbers.

When I give a guest pass to someone, I point out the "I" on the pass that can be mistaken for a "1."

"Just type in these first few letters, that's an "I" not a "1," and then the numbers."

Inevitably, people come wandering back up to the counter, confused.

"It doesn't work."

"Did you type an "I" or a "1?"

"Um....a "1."

"Well, it's an "I."

"Oh, really?"

How many of these conversations do I have to have before I lose my mind?

It's fun to guess which people will get to the computers and immediately struggle. I wouldn't put money on it, but I am a pretty good guesser.

Library work is customer service work. Customer service means dealing with people. People can be annoying.

Or how about when people come to the desk all concerned with a book. "It might be overdue...I don't know."

It's fun to pick up the book when a receipt comes dramatically fluttering out.

What exactly do you THINK we're handing you when we give you that piece of paper with dates on it?

And of course, the classic example is trying to explain something to someone and being interrupted. Please just wait for me to get the information out of my mouth before you start asking a question that I am currently trying to answer.

Everyone has off days. But it does seem like some people really don't care enough to hear and understand sometimes.