Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Packing Rhymes With Snacking (What I'd Rather Be Doing)

Guys. I am so not good at this blogging thing.

Do me a favor. Take a look at some posts from two or three years ago. Look how consistent I was! Are you impressed?

Here's another thing I'm not stellar at: packing.

I recently got back from a pretty super awesome trip, which I will (fingers crossed!) write about more later. But in the days leading up to said trip, I was preoccupied with "packing," loosely defined here as piles of random objects slowly inching closer and closer to my suitcase.

When it comes to packing, I am very visual. I don't like anything to be hidden away until right up until the last possible moment. Out of sight, out of mind. I just know I will forget what I've already packed, even if I check it off a list.

Yes, I love lists. No, I just don't feel like I can trust them when it comes to packing!

So my floor becomes a maze of shoes, leggings, Clif bars, scarves, lotions, books, etc. in piles that get larger and more spread out as the days go on. Sporadically, like a grumpy lumbering bear, I'll hulk around the piles and shuffle things around.

During the week of packing (it is an EVENT, I tell you!), I get to have fun nightmares where I have either forgotten something important on my trip or I have to pack in five minutes because I'm leaving early for some reason.

And then of course there are the items I need to pack that I truly do have to wait until the last minute for because I'm still using them (makeup, I'm talking to you).

For a girl who loves her lists, they are surprisingly unhelpful when it comes to packing. Not sure why. I will make them, but they are barely coherent and rarely consulted.

Packing helps me get excited for a trip so I can anticipate what I'll be doing, but it also makes me a nervous, disorganized wreck. I'll relax when it all gets UNpacked!


Mark Allman said...

Maybe you need to start a self help packing group of fellow sufferers!

I hope all the packing was worth it!!

Mark Allman said...

I like the color you added to your blog.

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